Logan Davoll's Page


Logan Davoll is from Lyons Ohio, but it wasn't always like this. Before he turned 5 years old he moved from Zone after Walgreens decided to offer to buy his family's property. His parents accepted the offer due to the money slump they were in. It was quite a lot of money at that time, it equaled around 5 weeks of pay from his dad's job. So with a curious mind and a head bursting with imagination, he set out with his family to house hunt. Fast forward 13 years and you get a very creative, resourceful, kind, and hardworking boy that does what he can to make his day as fun, in his opinion, as possible.


Logan has 4 siblings which may not sound like a lot, but when they're all together it can get a bit crowded. In fact, 3 of them moved out already, making more room in his home than ever. It is sad that he won't have that many people around anymore but he'll push through, he always does. But one things for sure, it will definitely be quieter around the house from now on. Logan has 2 sisters and 2 brothers, "-Perfectly balanced, as all things should be." Though he only has his little brother left. His big brother, Ian, and bigger sister, Haylee, moved out together because they got along so well, and his younger but still older sister, Alexandra or Zannie for short, is currently moving out. He also has 3 pets. 2 dogs, Suzy and Bella, and 1 duck, Button. Button is mainly his pet because he raised him since he was a duckling.

List of family memebers oldest to youngest:

  1. Dad(Shane)
  2. Mom(Julie)
  3. Haylee
  4. Ian
  5. Alexandra
  6. Logan
  7. Shane
  8. Suzy
  9. Button
  10. Bella


Logan has a very active imagination, so naturally, he uses it daily to make his life a little more interesting. He has created many different things using just his imagination, and though his solutions to some problems may seem weird, most of the time they get the job done. He loves to play video games, obviously, and is quietly competitive about such things. He also likes to laugh a lot. To learn a little more about him, you can visit this site.


About his imagination and the things it creates. It's created fantasy worlds galore, some small, some overflowing with lore and backstory. He creates charaters for everyone close to him, so they can live in his made up world. His character is a giant floating skeleton head with six arms. He also is trying to create his very own video game. His favorite character that he's created is A-002, a robot from "Botco." that lost control and started making hostile robots to kill any living entities.

Mr.Geiger taught Logan how to make this website. Mr.Gieger has his own site that Logan can visit anytime he's lost.

CCP Information

These are some things that he can do for College Credit Plus (CCP).

Course Name Course Number Credits
Database Management CIS109 4
C# Programming CIS161 4
Java Programming CIS165 4
Python Programming EET107 3
Internet Scripting CIS108 4
Computer Operations CIS191 3
Optional Courses
Microsoft Apps CIS114 3
CCP Math Elective 3
Composition I ENG111 3
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